What our Customers said about Us

Happy Customers

At Access-Security, we are very proud of our customer feedback, and our average 5 Star rating.

Our commitment to high quality workmanship, superior quality products and the follow up service we provide is why we achieve 5 stars.

We have a simple philosophy at Access-Security

"Always do more than we are paid to do"

That might be as simple as changing a light bulb that a customer has a difficulty with, But most importantly, we go that extra mile, just to make sure everything is just perfect.

We are always happy to take the time to explain to our customers, how to operate their systems and what to do in the event of a power failure or breakdown, there's nothing worse than be stuck on the wrong side of your gates, not knowing how to open them manually.

We also provide our customers with an annual preventative maintenance service, to keep your gates in good working order, Just like your car, an Automatic gate requires servicing,  as well as lubricating adjusting and checking over the equipment, it will also require recalibrating and testing of the force limitation and safety devices.

Finally, Our Commitment to our customers is to take care of your gates long term, and make sure they serve you well over many years. This is why we offer a Four year Warranty on our Automatic Gate Systems.